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Monday, December 2, 2019

JTW Vlogcast: Why We Need Justice University (and Capital Homesteading)

According to Dr. Noriko H. Arai, in most countries today (although she was focusing primarily on Japan), students memorize vast amounts of data — which any computer can do better, e.g., “Watson” on the “Jeopardy Challenge” — but often fail to understand meaning, that is, they do not really comprehend what they “learn” in any meaningful sense.

Dr. Noriko H. Arai
Applying Dr. Arai’s findings to the difficulties experienced with getting people to accept the Just Third Way of Economic Personalism, we can suddenly understand why, when they are presented with (for example) the principles of binary economics as explained by Louis Kelso and Mortimer Adler, or the laws and characteristics of social justice as explained by Pope Pius XI and CESJ co-founder Father William Ferree, people either look blank, run away, or attack.  Confronted with something that is outside of their store of accumulated “knowledge” of the way things are that they have memorized, they do not have the intellectual tools they need to comprehend anything outside their current frame of reference.

If you pay close attention, you will note that Dr. Arai does not offer a solution to the redundancy of labor except to create jobs, but we can agree with her contention that Academia in these dark days is clearly in need of something: