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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Experiencing Technical Difficulties . . . But We Carry On . . .

We're having a bit o' trouble with the old hard drive, and are (temporarily, we hope) unable to compose off-line and edit today's posting as we usually do.  That being the case — and since we are probably about to lose use of the computer for a few days, we decided to "cheat" a little and just post a conversation or two from FaceBook.  We hope soon to be able to get back to normal operations, and have all the neat graphics 'n stuff we've been having, but until then, we'll manage something.

This particular conversation dealt with our defining the common good in terms of virtue, to which we got the following response:

We naturally thought we had given a full explanation in the original posting, but there is always room for clarification.  The fact is, Aristotle based pretty much everything on pursuit of the good — virtue — and that was the main theme of the Ethics, as the Philosopher stated right from the beginning. Hence our response: