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Monday, September 14, 2020

JTW Podcast: Communism, Part 7: The Crucifixion of Fulton Sheen

Yeah, we’ve been going a “little” heavy on “Catholic” stuff in the blog and in the podcasts, but we’ve got a good excuse: that’s what we’re working on at the present time and to add more areas to write about on top of everything else is just too much.

Of course, we could take the easy way out and rant about the Democans and Republicrats, but we really are trying to be objective and neutral and focus on the issues, not who is saying what and how evil he, she, or it is.  We have what we think is a just and fair solution to some rather huge problems, and we’d like anyone in either party (or any party, anywhere) to consider the Just Third Way of Economic Personalism on its merits, not on who said it.

That being said, this video does get into personalities quite a bit, but there’s a method in our madness.  The question is how a lot of this nuttiness got so embedded in world culture, and we think it happened in this way.  Keep in mind that we try to state when something is our opinion, and that we do have sources for all the presumably outrageous facts . . . although, if you’re outraged by them, you might want to consider the possibility that you’re part of the problem. . . .




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7. The Crucifixion of Fulton Sheen


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