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Thursday, September 10, 2020

How Everyone Can Win in November, Part III

As we saw in the previous two postings on this subject, there is a way that Joseph Biden can win the U.S. presidential race in a landslide in November, and there is a way that Donald Trump can win in a landslide.  All it takes is a new vision of leadership and a coherent plan where this country is going, respectively.  Now today we’re going to finish off this subject and look at what will happen if both candidates catch on and carry out campaigns in which everyone wins, even if he or she is not elected.

Blue donkeys and pink elephants? What was in that hooch?


If Trump adopts the Economic Democracy Act (formerly known as the Capital Homestead Act) as a key plank in his platform to counter Biden’s commitment to stopping all government funding of abortion, the Biden campaign will, of course, call an emergency meeting even faster than did the Trump people.  It could go something like this:

“Hey, Bill . . .” says a campaign worker.

“My name’s Joe,” says Biden.

“Yeah, whatever,” says the campaign worker.  “We got a problem.  Dropping the hardline abortion shtick was a stroke of genius, and your ratings went up 101 points in the polls . . .”

“How can that be?” asks Biden.  “Isn’t that on a 100-point scale?”

Not crazy, but a Fox


“Technicalities,” says the campaign worker.  “We have to come up with something quick to counter Trump’s adopting that Economic Democracy Act thing or whatever it is.  Trump’s combination of pro-life and pro-ownership is gonna let him sweep the election.”

“But what can we do?” says Bill . . . uh, Joe.  “Are you suggesting something completely crazy like we adopt the Economic Democracy Act?”

“Crazy like a fox,” says the campaign worker.  “If you and Trump are seen as equal on the issues, and are both going to deliver the same thing if either of you wins, then you can campaign on who’s better looking . . . and you’re the handsomest candidate I’ve ever seen, right, guys?”

All the yes men, brothers-in-law, cousins, and nodders give the thumbs up on that.

“But what if Trump ups the ante?” says Biden.  “What do we do, then?”

“Up it to what?” asks the campaign worker.  “Promise to abolish abortion?  Not likely at this stage.  You couldn’t promise that and be believed, any more than Trump.  That’s just reality.”

I'm still seeing those critters, Ma."


“I wouldn’t have to show up at pro-life rallies, would I?” asks Biden uneasily.  “Those guys don’t like me.”

“Not unless you want to,” says the campaign worker.  “You might say some nice things about them, though, like you may disagree, but they have every right to their opinions.”

“They do?” asks Biden, surprised.

“Well . . . technically,” says the campaign worker.  “Some people think liberal democracy means especially protecting the rights of those with whom you disagree, not just your friends.  That might give you the edge over Trump.”

“But I wouldn’t have to mean it, would I?” asks Biden.  “I mean, everybody knows campaign promises are broken all the time.”


“In this case you’d better keep any promises you make along these lines to the full letter and spirit,” says the campaign worker.  “And make it obvious that you’re going to do it.

“Frankly, the only chance we’ve got against Trump is for voters to know — not just think — that you will stop all government funding of abortions and deliver on the Economic Empowerment Act.  Anyone who is in the least bit doubtful about either is going to vote for Trump.  Period.”

“You mean that people will actually vote for the candidate who they think will do the better job?” asks Biden.  “Instead of against something or somebody?”

“Yes,” says the campaign worker.

“What a concept,” says Biden.


*          *          *

Or something like that.  The fact is, even if both candidates are saying the same thing, or at least equally weighty and good things for the people and the country, people are going to vote for whoever they think is going to deliver and do the better job at delivering — everything being equal.

It’s time the American people — and everyone else in the world — had a real choice for a change, and a chance at a real future.