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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Just Third Way Hour Podcast

We have a "double header" this week.  On deck first we have Dr. Norman G. Kurland's appearance on Dr. Deal Hudson's "Church and Culture" show on the Ave Maria Radio Network (an affiliate of EWTN) that was just broadcast this past weekend.  Deal and Norm talk about the sort of reforms needed to our financial system to get the country — and the world — back on track.  And do we have to say how much more interesting it is to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about?

With Deal Hudson

We also have the latest podcast of "The Just Third Way Hour" with your host Dave Hamill interviews CESJ's Director of Research Michael D. Greaney and talks about "tough Capital Homesteading questions."  If you missed this the first time on the now-defunct account with a former server, note that listeners have said how much easier this one is to listen to, and the quality is better.

With Dave Hamill