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Monday, July 1, 2019

Mortimer Adler, Intellect Mind Over Matter, I & II

Much to our surprise, the videos we've been putting up about Mortimer Adler, philosophy, and some rather difficult or esoteric concepts have been proving very popular.  The recent one on the essence of socialism discussing the distinction between form and substance ranked in the top five all time hits for this blog!  This astounded certain commentators who think you have to dumb everything down and then not talk about it at all in order to be popular.  It turns out talking about truth and all that actually draws a crowd . . . and only a few of them are hecklers!

That being the case, we decided to run a special broad-pod-cast of Mortimer Adler discussing one of his books with William F. Buckley.  It's in two parts, and be prepared for a lot of big words.  Here's part I:

And here's part II: