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Monday, July 22, 2019

Something Completely Different?

 We've been alternating CESJ's Just Third Way podcast with videos featuring Mortimer J. Adler, who co-authored with Louis Kelso two key books that relate to economic personalism, The Capitalist Manifesto (1958) and The New Capitalists (1961), the latter with the significant subtitle, "A Proposal to Free Economic Growth from the Slavery of Savings."  That does not mean, of course, that new capital can be financed without savings, but that human beings should not be enslaved to money and credit, which are, ultimately, only tools that people should be using, not money and credit using people.

That being said, we thought today we'd feature Fulton Sheen.  He is another Just Third Way teacher whose books are also important to reaching an understanding of economic personalism, especially his earlier ones, such as his doctoral thesis God and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy (1925) — featuring a introduction by G.K. Chesterton! — and Freedom Under God (1940), with a foreword explaining its relevance to the Just Third Way.

One note, however.  William F. Buckley refers to Sheen as "enigmatic" due to his apparently contradictory positions that people can't decide are liberal or conservative.  The possibility that they might be orthodox and neither liberal nor conservative, socialist nor capitalist, doesn't seem to occur to very many people, especially those who succumb to the irresistible urge to demonize anyone who they think disagrees with them. . . .