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Monday, March 16, 2020

Oh, Look! Another Fulton Sheen Podcast!

The good thing about Fulton Sheen is that although he was a Catholic figure (we avoid the words "intellectual" or — worse — "world's first televangelist"), he appealed to virtually everyone with a basic grounding in common sense and a natural law orientation.  That is why, although CESJ is an interfaith organization, we find Sheen's work very compatible with the message of the Just Third Way.  It's also lucky for us that although the "Catholic Hour" radio show was planned to feature a number of different speakers, it rapidly developed into a "Fulton Sheen Hour."

Today we present another one of Sheen's broadcasts from the Catholic (half) Hour on "The Natural Law of God" — a subject on which Sheen was well-qualified to speak, as it was the substance of his doctoral thesis, God and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy in Light of the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas (1925) . . . featuring an intro by some fellow by the name of G,K, Chesterton. . . .

How do we know right from wrong?  Is it how well we conform to our own desires and our faith in them?  Or how well we conform to the Nature of God self-realized in His Intellect and discernible by human reason?  Are right and wrong arbitrary, "religious" concepts?  Or is there some absolute standard?  Hear Sheen's take on it: