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Monday, March 23, 2020

Fulton Sheen Rides Again!

Well . . . Fulton Sheen was born in El Paso . . . Illinois, so the "rides again" isn't entirely out of left field.  It's even somewhat appropriate.  In any event, this week we bring you yet another "Catholic-catholic" message from "America's Archbishop" suitable for people of all faiths and philosophies . . . although you do have to do a little "filtering" of the "Catholic language" to get to the universal, small-c catholic message.

This broadcast on "Good and Evil" (the sound quality is a little iffy at the beginning, but it passes) focuses on the need for sound principles.  If we don't have solid principles in our heads to guide our actions, our actions will determine the way we think . . . that is, if we bother to think. . . .