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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

What to Do About Taiwan

The Biden Administration’s apparent missteps with respect to China have been a source of great consolation to Trump supporters, with neither side considering whether any of it makes sense.  Of course, it must be admitted that Trump’s comments about Ukraine and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s “genius” in invading Ukraine, along with his various other troubles need something to divert attention.

Hunting for a vision.


It must also be admitted that Biden also needs a little distraction away from his divisive hardline stance on the misnamed progressive agenda and his apocalyptic utterances about abortion, the economy, and everything “conservative.”  We do need a leader at this point to bring people together instead of to divide at all levels.

Be that as it may, while Biden’s China policy is something Xi finds annoying and uses as an excuse for saber rattling and waving, Xi’s own domestic and foreign policies are deliberately calculated to cause conflict and incite violence.  Anything that can be used as an excuse to extend his own power at someone else’s expense — like his spirit brother Putin — will be tried, as long as he can get away with it.

Hunting for more power


The whole betrayal of Hong Kong and the idea of “One China, Two Systems,” started with Xi.  He seeks absolute power and, in many respects, has it, from the “social credit” shtick where if you don’t toe the Party (meaning Xi’s) line, you’re toast, to the treatment of the Uigars.  None of this is calculated to inspire anything but fear of betrayal and tyranny should China take over Taiwan.

Nevertheless, there is a way out . . . although, it must be admitted, one that Xi is probably not able to understand, any more than Putin can.  If you want to bring people together and join with you, you don’t threaten them with death or destruction if they don’t go along.  Instead, you give them a reason to want to join you.

And how can that be done?  By implementing the Economic Democracy Act.  Will it be done?  That’s another question entirely.

Hunting for his shirt


IF (and that’s a very big if) the Chinese people knew about it, they might be tempted to demand that the EDA be implemented.  As things stand now, it’s probably the last thing they’ll ever hear about.  Xi knows full well that “power naturally and necessarily follows property.”  If the ordinary Chinese citizen gets property, Xi will no longer have a stranglehold on power, which is his driving force.

Frankly, right now proponents of the Just Third Way are in the position of a doctor with a miracle drug that’s cheap and painless as well as effective, but the patient refuses even to consider taking it for fear he’ll get well.  At present all we can do is hope that word gets through somehow and that something positive happens.

And Taiwan?  If Taiwan adopted the Economic Democracy Act — which is a lot more likely than China doing so — they would be economically strong to the point where China would have to think twice about attacking.  Look at how Putin miscalculated Ukraine, presumably a much weaker country, and one that within a very short time (we hope) will result in the collapse of Putin’s government, if the Russian people ever wake up and realize how they’ve been duped.