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Monday, May 23, 2022

JTW Podcast: Patriarch Kirill, Putin’s New Age Guru

Despite Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s accusations of “Nazi” against anyone who has become the target of his ire, many people have commented on the resemblance of Adolf Hitler’s ideology and that of Putin, as well as other things, such as Hitler’s concept of Greater Germany as an alliance of all Aryan peoples, and Putin’s “Rusky Mir,” or “Russian World,” a Pan Slavic union of all Russian-speaking peoples under the leadership of Moscow . . . whether they want it or not.

Of course, it’s a little unclear as to what, exactly, Putin means by “Nazi”.  It has “nothing to do” with being anti-Jewish, evidently, so that Zelenskyy can be a Jewish Nazi in Putin’s Brave New World.  It also doesn’t seem to mean any kind of militaristic national socialism, for a number of voices have been raised in Russia calling for just that to fight the Ukrainian Jewish Nazis.  What appears to be Putin’s private army, the Wagner Group, is obviously Nazi in the old sense, while the Azov Battalion had neo-Nazi influence at its beginning (and still has individual members espousing Nazi and other views, as do many other military units throughout the world), but is now officially Nazi only in Putin’s new lexicon.  Evidently, anything goes in the New World Order envisioned by Putin . . . as long as you have enough might to make it right.

We do not agree with everything in this video, and it doesn’t go into the common theosophical and Occult roots of the ideologies of the Third Reich and the Rusky Mir and their links to the “New Christianity” of Henri de Saint-Simon — shades of Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson’s 1907 apocalyptic satire, Lord of the World!  Still, it gives some insights into the unhealthy (to say the least) joining of Church and State in Russia at the present time.


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