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Monday, November 29, 2021

JTW Podcast: The Springfield Remanufacturing Story

In our upcoming book, The Greater Reset from TAN Books, based on our earlier book, Economic Personalism: Property, Power and Justice for Every Person (2020), we talk about the benefits of worker ownership.  One of the more successful (to put it mildly) worker-owned companies is Springfield Remanufacturing, which refurbishes engines, the sort of job that’s been moving out of the U.S. for decades.

Ironically, even though they pay well and have at least a hundred job openings, they can’t get enough people.  This isn’t an employment advertisement, however, but a good example of what can be done even within the current flawed system.  Think what could be done with the Economic Democracy Act:



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The Springfield Remanufacturing Story

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