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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Postcard from Mariupol



Mostly on this blog we try to address applications of the Just Third Way, with an emphasis on Economic Personalism and the Economic Democracy Act.  Since February 24 of this year, we’ve been looking at how the Just Third Way program might be applied in Ukraine for the direct benefit of everyone once the Russian invasion has been repelled.


We have, for example, been working on ways to integrate the Economic Democracy Act into the proposal for a “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine.  This would not only be a much more financially feasible way of funding recovery than is generally proposed, but also reinforce both economic and political democracy as well as greatly reduce, even eliminate corruption entirely by spreading out power to all citizens.

Although we have made some references to the effects of Putin’s War and thus the need for such a massive program of recovery, that has not been our primary focus.  We have, however, received reports from individuals in Ukraine that underscore the unimaginable brutality and the near-total devastation and havoc being wrought by the so-called “liberation” of Ukraine, an obvious example of Russian doublespeak to try and justify what at best is a naked power grab by Putin’s criminal regime.  We have no words for the worst we could call it, at least, none that are printable.


That is why, when we received a “Special Correspondence” with film and photos from a Greek Catholic priest in Ukraine, we decided to publish it.  We won’t give the name of the priest, as Putin has been targeting non-Russian Orthodox religious and clergy, as well as Russian Orthodox who don’t buy into Putin’s and Patriarch Kirill’s version of pseudo-Christianity — they seem to disappear mysteriously.

We have, for example, an unconfirmed report that Putin has kidnapped more than two hundred Latin and Greek Catholic clergy and religious (monks and nuns) and deported them to Siberia; we understand President Zelenskyy himself is having this investigated.  We do have a first-hand report of Russian soldiers pulling over a car driven by a Latin Catholic priest with six children and a dog and shooting the priest and the children.  Only the dog survived, possibly to be eaten later.

So, here is the report we received from Ukraine, translated and abridged, although not by us.  The authenticity of both the photos and the very short video have been confirmed.



Last week, a small group of priests and clerics traveled privately to Mariupol. I will not discuss how we crossed the border tightly guarded by the Russian army or better, say, mercenaries.


Yes, the Wagner Group, mercenaries responsible for atrocities in Libya and Syria, including tortures and beheadings, stand at the demarcation zones of the Moscow-occupied Ukraine.

According to the Mariupol authorities, at least 22,000 civilians died in the Russian bombings and subsequent fires, but the number may be even three-to-four times higher.

The priests said silent prayers over the piles of dead bodies, which Russians ordered to store in the grocery shops. These corpses [will] probably be burned, and their ashes be thrown [in]to the sea as it has been done previously by Russians, one witness told me.

The photo and short footage, the material made available unofficially by former Mariupol officials that I attached is another piece of evidence of Russian atrocities that judges assessing that crime should watch.


Please remember hundreds of badly injured children who lost hands, legs, parents, and other Mariupol inhabitants harmed for life and deprived of all of their humble possessions.

Russian army continues to launch the cross-border attacks with deadly weapons aimed at civilians.

The artillery rounds that target residential buildings are filled with flechettes – a pointed steel projectile with a vanned tail for stable flight (a photo).

Do not believe that Putin is Christian and condemn Putin’s regime.

I give you a blessing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace and be instrument of His peace, my Friend.


Father V.