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Monday, January 31, 2022

JTW Podcast: Fulton Sheen on Improving Your Mind

A few weeks ago, we came across another article bemoaning the fact that the number of people who read in society and have any degree of cultural literacy that stretches back more than a few years has declined greatly.  As Dr. Mark Bauerlein said in his interview, a decline in reading has led to a rise in stupidity.

Dr. Bauerlein is wrong, of course.  “The Young” aren’t stupid, they’re ignorant.  They haven’t learned because they haven’t been taught, which is not the same as not being able to learn in the first place . . . which is the curse that afflicts many of our so-called experts and leaders.  That’s why we’re promoting “Justice University,” and why, when we came across this lecture by Fulton Sheen, author of Freedom Under God,  on “How to Improve Your Mind,” we thought it a better approach than Dr. Bauerlein’s wail of despair:


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How to Improve Your Mind

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