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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fulton Sheen Suspended . . . Again?, V: Possible Source of the Solution

With the recent news about Fulton Sheen’s “cause” for canonization being suspended, we are faced with the possibility of a very Chestertonian paradox relating to the “American Chesterton”: the bad news of the suspension could be very good news, indeed.  It could, in our opinion, be a signal that the American hierarchy is finally going to be forced to deal with the problems created by Monsignor John A. Ryan and settle them, once and for all.

Assuming (with the aid of the Holy Spirit or whatever inspires you) that truth and reason finally triumph after more than a century of being denigrated and marginalized, and both liberal and conservative modernism/positivism is finally rooted out in religious and civil society, respectively, we believe that we will then see Sheen’s cause again on the fast track.  Further, the restructuring of the social order for which nearly every pope since Leo XIII has called will finally get under way.

This is why, in fact, it is important that the CESJ core group meet with Pope Francis as soon as possible.  Not to remove Sheen’s cause from suspension, although (in our opinion) that would be one outcome of a successful meeting, and His Holiness begins insisting that reason and justice once again assume their proper places, and are fulfilled and guided by faith and charity instead of demoted and replaced.

No, it is becoming increasingly obvious that, due to CESJ’s strict adherence to the Aristotelian-Thomist understanding of the natural law, and its embodiment of the three principles of economic justice and the completed doctrine of social justice into the Just Third Way, we can present Francis with philosophically sound and, at the same time, practical principles of economic and social justice.  These can guide the restoration of global society, whether you call it “an economically just society,” or “the peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ.”

We also have possible applications of those same principles that are both financially feasible and sustainable.  These can be used to address seemingly insoluble problems such as the growing wealth and income gap if not with ease, at least with more effectiveness than existing efforts and programs.