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Monday, September 8, 2008

India: Word is Getting Out

Our good friend Rahul Dewan in New Delhi (India, in case you're wondering) has been posting some nice things about the Just Third Way — the movement, not this blog — on his blog, "Srijan Live", as well as giving a free plug to Equity Expansion International, Inc. Rahul, when not trying to figure out the Yahoo! security question about his favorite childhood hero (it's not me) runs a web consulting company, Srijan Technologies that has clients all over the world. Norman Kurland and I had a great conversation with Rahul a couple of weeks ago about restructuring his company to conform more closely to the Just Third Way. Rahul has also just updated the graphics for his blog, giving it more "eye appeal." It's well worth a visit. (The conversation was via telephone . . . what, you think we went to New Delhi at the start of the Monsoon Season? We just had our own Frog Strangler this past Saturday with the remnants of Hurricane Hannah or whoever that was.)

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