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Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Revolution Devours Its Children," from the horse's mouth, by Schleifer

Yours is an excellent posting with the Kelso Binary Economics Discussion Group (KELSO_BINARY_ECONOMICS@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU). It points out the distinction between revolutionaries of ideas and those who would use violence to push ideas based on hate rather than the dignity of every person. Your writings should be read globally by all who recognize that there is a war of ideas within the Muslim world as well between those working to imbed universal principles of economic and social justice into the economic and political infrastructures of global civilization (i.e., those committed to a Culture of Life) and the Muslim extremists who have recruited suicide bombers in their declared ideological and terrorist war against America, America's democratic allies, and Western civilization generally (those who have hijacked Islam for justifying a Culture of Death).

You can do that by posting your messages relevant to the Just Third Way, binary economics and Capital Homesteading to our new blog site at

Michael Greaney's daily letters and commentaries (and a few of mine) are posted on this new blog and your perspective as a global strategist and Islamic scholar will deepen people's understanding of the religiously pluralistic nature of the Just Third Way. In the future, if you have a comment that you think should go out to a wider audience, I highly recommend that you post it to our blog. The Just Third Way blog site and our Just Third Way channel on YouTube reach a far greater and highly sophisticated audience than the one you connect up to through the members of the Kelso Binary Economics Discussion Group. As of early this morning and we're just getting started, we've had visitors from 23 countries and 41 states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada. (One Brazilian reader has translated all our postings into Portuguese on his blog site, and I expect such an outreach will increase exponentially around the world in the coming weeks, given our unique and effective alternative to "making the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation and without ecological damage or the disadvantage of anyone.") All other solutions of which I am aware fail the synergy test.

Not surprisingly, our most popular postings are on the current financial crisis and what can be done about it. Visit the blogsite and you'll see what I mean. You might also encourage Abdallah Schleifer and other potential Just Third Way revolutionaries to do the same. All other solutions of which I am aware fail the synergy test.

I'll post this one. I encourage you to post others on the blog site.

In Peace, Prosperity and Freedom, only through Compassionate Justice,

Robert Crane ( wrote:
> As a follow-up to an earlier posting, this email from Abdallah Schleifer gives some valuable information on the background of the Weathermen, America's only homegrown Al Qa'ida-type movement, which my daughter, Marietta Crane, joined as the leader of a march to destroy downtown Evanston, Illinois, in conjunction with the Days of Rage movement in 1969. She was the treasurer and member of its five-person Politburo when it succeeded in shutting down the U.S. government for a few hours before thousands of its members were captured by a mammoth special forces operation (an incredibly impressive show of brute power which I watched from the office of the Deputy Secretary of State).
> The Weathermen bombed 200 banks, none of which operations have ever been publicly acknowledged (because the news media were instructed not to cover them), as well as many high profile sites ranging from the Harvard Center for International Affairs to FBI offices and the Pentagon.
> When I read a front-page story in the New York Times about her hitting a policeman on the head with a lead bar, my immediate reaction as a counter-terrorism professional (and former leader of a homegrown terrorism operation against the Communists in Eastern Europe) was immediately to fly out to Chicago because it was clear that this would qualify her to manufacture bombs. I abducted her only a few hours before she was to drive to New York to join the Weathermen's bomb factory. This saved her life because two days later the bomb factory blew up. The death of the bombmakers put a crimp in the Weathermen tactics and led eventually to the dissipation of the movement after the defeat of Washington's ill-fated attempt to occupy Vietnam, which removed the terrorists' rationale for recruitment.
> According to my daughter, the dissolution of the Weathermen resulted in part from the corruption among its leaders. One member of the Politburo stole its treasury, which prompted my daughter to conclude that there is no point in killing the pigs in the White House if the result would be only to install bigger pigs. She eventually accepted my wisdom that Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha were the real revolutionaries in human history, not Trotsky, Che, and Mao.
> Incidentally, she voted for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and now is voting for John McCain, because she thinks that Obama is naive. In fact, in my opinion, McCain far outshines Obama in naivete, because he focuses on effect rather than on cause. In domestic economic policy, both are equally naive, but perhaps the McCain-Palin combo would have more courage in acting once they appreciate the fundamental Islamic wisdom that money created without real assets behind it is prone to eventual self-destruction.
> Wikipedia has a good account of the Weathermen phenomenon, but it is incomplete. Perhaps Abdallah Schleifer's current project to write his own autobiography will provide more insight into the unique intellectual ferment of the 1960s leading to America's first and hopefully only Al Qa'ida phenomenon and will shed more light on what actually happened and why it failed when the Revolution Devoured Its Children.

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