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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our First Blog Posting

As this blog is being started in part to explain and promote the Just Third Way of economic and social development beyond capitalism and socialism, it's appropriate that our first posting explains what we mean by the "Just Third Way," at least briefly. We will, of course, get into much greater detail in future postings, but as a starting point, the Just Third Way is
a state of society characterized by the "Four Pillars" of an economically just society. These are,

1. Limited economic role of the State,

2. Free and open markets,

3. Restoration of the rights of private property (particularly in corporate equity),

4. Widespread direct ownership of the means of production (which both capitalism and socialism leave out).

Right now there are two authors of this blog. I am Michael D. Greaney, Director of Research of the all-volunteer, non-profit think tank, the interfaith Center for Economic and Social Justice ("CESJ"), The other author is Dr. Norman G. Kurland, president of CESJ. We take a natural law approach to economic and social justice, and thus include support and collaboration from many religious and philosophical traditions — as long as they're consistent with our understanding of the natural law. We take no position with respect to the teachings of any religion based on faith. If any of that happens to slip through, it represents the personal opinion of the author, not any official or unofficial position or belief of anyone in CESJ.

Naturally, we in CESJ are only a part of the Global Justice Movement. That has its own web site,, and you'll want to pay a visit to that as well as to the CESJ web site. There are also a number of other organizations and web sites in the movement as well, so (as soon as we figure out how to do it) these will appear in the sidebar.

We'll go (much) deeper into these matters in future postings.

Donations to CESJ are tax deductible in the United States under IRC § 501(c)(3)