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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Asleep at the Switch, or, How McCain (or Obama) Can Win the Election

Senator McCain's greatest weakness at this point is the self-admitted lack of a viable economic program. As reported this morning on Yahoo! news, the man from Arizona is campaigning amidst the decaying wreckage of the industrial and agricultural heart of America to try and swing the region's vaguely Democratic voters around to vote vaguely Republican. The two-pronged strategy seems to be to stress Senator Obama's inexperience and thus presumed lack of effectiveness, and to emphasize the rather obvious point that McCain isn't Bush.

If McCain wants to win this election (and I presume he does), he should forget about the coy hints that he will pick a pro choice running mate to try and convince people who won't believe him anyway and alienate his strongest supporters. If he's serious about the economy and his pro life record, he should immediately adopt the pro life "economic agenda" of the "American Revolutionary Party."

The pro life economic agenda is based on the expedient that at this point in history it would seriously cripple (if not destroy) the social order to criminalize abortion, but tyrannically unjust to use tax monies to subsidize a morally abhorrent practice. As Aristotle pointed out, a just society may be forced to allow democratic behavior, even when that behavior is directly contrary to the survival of the State — but it is supremely irrational for the State to pay for or support actions that undermine democracy or force its citizens to finance what many regard as criminal. It's as if, when slavery was legal, slave owners had demanded tax deductions, tax credits, and government subsidies to finance slavery, thereby forcing abolitionists to foot the bill.

Now for the flip side.

Substitute "Obama" for "McCain" in the above text. Obama has a better chance than McCain to win the election . . . if he is the first one to adopt the economic platform of the American Revolutionary Party. Right now all he's offering is more of the same, only more so: tax breaks that do nothing to fix the problem, tweaking various government programs, blaming the other guy for everything . . . in short, McCain's program with a different label.

If both candidates adopt the economic agenda detailed on the American Revolutionary Party web site, the voters might actually have a real choice for a change — as well as a real choice for change. It's clear that this country, even the world, needs Capital Homesteading. I've heard both candidates declare that they're "listening." That may be so, but they aren't hearing.

If you want to show up either or both of the candidates, e-mail a copy of this posting around to the media as well as the campaigns. Maybe somebody isn't asleep at the switch.

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