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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to End the War in Iraq

I realize that three postings in one day — even the first day — might seem a little much, but we've got a lot to say. One of the more important things we want to let you know about is the proposal CESJ developed to end the war in Iraq and resolve the situation in a just manner that benefits all parties.

First proposed in 1978, the "Abraham Federation" strategy was originally focused on the conflict between the Palestinian and Israeli people. This has been inflaming Muslim extremism and spreading hatred of America and Jews throughout the world for decades. Today, given the deteriorating situation in Iraq, serious consideration must be given to this proposed strategy for offering the people of Iraq, the Middle East, and the world a unifying, "peace through justice" based model for nation-building.

The oil fields of Iraq should be denationalized and every citizen of Iraq became a shareholder in the oil company by being given a single, lifetime, non-transferable, participating voting share with full rights of ownership.

By promoting such a "preemptive moral strike," America would prove before all nations of the world its commitment to working with others to deliver real justice to the Iraqi people and, by example, to the poor and oppressed of the world. Such ideological and moral weaponry could offer a far more powerful force than all of America's overwhelming military weaponry. At the same time, America could provide a highly innovative and humanizing solution to the practical problem of stabilizing the world's supply of oil, as the world continues to seek Hydrogen Age alternatives to meet the future energy needs of civilization.

The Abraham Federation model could be launched as a concurrent, two-front ideological and economic development offensive in both Iraq and the occupied territories on the West Bank and Gaza. The new model of nation-building would harness the untapped power of internally generated money, credit and other infrastructural reforms to provide the resources for nation-building.

The Abraham Federation, especially the Iraq oil proposal, can be find in greater detail on the CESJ web site,

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