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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

State Blackmail

Ultimately, the goal of the Just Third Way (in the short term) is to surface a world leader and present him or her with a possible framework for solving the problems world leaders are faced with, and for that leader to communicate to the world that the principles of economic justice as presented by Louis Kelso and Mortimer Adler, and refined by CESJ.

You need an ID for this guy?
So far, Pope Francis is looking good.  We don’t think it’s overstating the obvious when we say that he is, as far as we can tell, the only world leader with the combination of intelligence, credibility, prestige, common sense, and moral authority to bring the message to the world.

That CESJ is not affiliated with any particular religion stresses the true universality of the principles of economic justice, and strengthens our hand immensely.  That’s why it’s important that CESJ not get subsumed into another organization, as some have tried to do, or to “hijack” the Just Third Way into a vehicle for carrying the message of a particular sect or philosophy.

Of course, just because we’re keeping our eyes on the prize is no reason to ignore or downplay other things, such as the necessity of ordinary people having to make a living, even in an economy in “recovery.”  Not that we personally know anyone who has actually recovered; it all seems to be centered on the gains in the stock market.
October 1929 Headline

Original Cast of 1776
That is why we think the business community, at least that part composed of the small and mid-size companies that seem to be marginalized in today’s economy, is ready for a new “declaration of economic independence” from Wall Street and government.  A few good models to parade around and set an example would be immensely valuable for the revival of the productive sector.  (To see the sort of thing we’re talking about, check out the website for the for-profit, Equity Expansion International, Inc.)

We’re also hearing good things from some American religious leaders who are not quite as enamored of the subordination of religion to the State as the current administration might believe.  The Just Third Way can address their concerns.  CESJ is not a “Catholic” organization, but we find what Pope Leo XIII said back in 1891 in § 7 of Rerum Novarum useful in this context:
Mr. ... I mean, His Holiness Social Justice

“Man's needs do not die out, but forever recur; although satisfied today, they demand fresh supplies for tomorrow. Nature accordingly must have given to man a source that is stable and remaining always with him, from which he might look to draw continual supplies. And this stable condition of things he finds solely in the earth and its fruits. There is no need to bring in the State. Man precedes the State, and possesses, prior to the formation of any State, the right of providing for the substance of his body.”

Despite that rather clear statement, there are still people who think “the State is the sole intercessor available to the poor” (a direct quote, by the way).  This is in spite of the fact that the government isn’t doing all that good a job providing for all their needs.

Perhaps they should realize that they could do better without quite so much government.  It may be time to return power to the people — and that means broad-based capital ownership.  As Daniel Webster said back in 1820, “Power naturally and necessarily follows property,” and he wasn’t talking about more and better consumer goods and services.
American Classic, Not Gothic

Once we get a Capital Homestead Act, no American need ever bow and scrape to the government again, or succumb to what we can call “welfare blackmail.”  The push for Capital Homesteading is an effort that can unite all Americans of faith, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, and of no faith — we’ve been hearing some good things from pro-life atheists and agnostics who aren’t afraid to use their reason, even if they don’t know or aren’t sure Who gave it to them.

Own or be owned.  It’s as simple as that.