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Friday, September 27, 2013

News from the Network, Vol. 6, No. 39

No, we’re not “All Sheen, All the Time.”  It just sort of worked out that way this week.  We have been getting a lot of very positive comments, too, as well as some good reviews on Amazon.  Remarkably, there have been only two negative reactions.  The first was from a reviewer who got a flawed copy and thought the book was supposed to be like that.  We advised him to return it where he got it for a refund or replacement (he wanted a replacement).

The other was a series of baffling comments from someone who hadn’t even read the book, and made comments indicating that he had no idea what it was about!  We figure it’s alright to read reviews and decide whether or not you want to read it, but to become enraged and give “reasons” that don’t even make sense is, we feel, going a bit too far.  Well, one lost sale out of a potential 7 billion isn’t too bad.

So here’s this week’s Sheen news update:

• Again, the big news is that a short time ago we released Freedom Under God for printing.  CESJ is now taking bulk/wholesale orders (please, no individual sales).  Until December 31, 2013, the per unit price for 10-99 copies is $16.00 (20% discount), for 100-499 copies is $14.00 (30% discount), for 500-999 copies is $12.00 (40% discount), and for 1,000 or more copies is $10.00 (50% discount).  Shipping is extra.  Send an e-mail to “publications [at] cesj [dot] org” stating how many copies you want and the street address (no P. O. Boxes) where you want them delivered.  We will get back to you with the total cost, how to pay, and estimated delivery time.  All payments must be made in advance, and orders are placed only after payment clears.

• You’ve all heard of “The Fulton Sheen ‘Guy’.”  Get a load of “The Fulton Sheen Fulton.”  His name really is Fulton, but (oddly enough) he seems to have no last name, and we think he lives in China.  Or maybe Finland.  Would you believe Timbuktu?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that he clearly knows good reading (and eating) when he sees it.  Order a case (28 copies) of Freedom Under God and mention “the kid with the biscuit” (or words to that effect), and we’ll send you a biscuit recipe by return e-mail. We will NOT do this!

• The final final results aren’t in, yet, but we just experienced our best September ever with respect to book sales.  We sold as many copies of Freedom Under God alone as we did all other books combined in any previous September.  After being out for a little over three weeks, we have almost broken even on our publication costs.  We understand that only Steven King and Harry Potter can beat that.

• Orders by the case (28 copies) for Freedom Under God, while not coming in every day are coming in with a regularity that bodes well for the future.  We also just had our first sales in the U.K. this past week.  In the continental U.S., you can get a case of 28 for $448.00 plus shipping.  In the U.K. a case of 28 is £314.00 plus shipping, plus a few other costs.  If you’re in Éire, send us a note and we’ll work out the details with our distributor; PayPal wouldn’t dare not take Euros, but because the exchange rate fluctuates, we hesitate to give a standard price.  Send an e-mail to “publications [at] cesj [dot] org” for details.

• As of this morning, we have had visitors from 56 different countries and 48 states and provinces in the United States and Canada to this blog over the past two months. Most visitors are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India. The most popular postings this past week were “The Fulton Sheen ‘Guy’,” “Thomas Hobbes on Private Property,” “Avoiding Monetary Meltdown, II: Salmon P. Chase and the Greenbacks,” “Aristotle on Private Property,” and “‘Long Lost’ Book by Fulton Sheen Rediscovered.”

Those are the happenings for this week, at least that we know about.  If you have an accomplishment that you think should be listed, send us a note about it at mgreaney [at] cesj [dot] org, and we’ll see that it gets into the next “issue.”  If you have a short (250-400 word) comment on a specific posting, please enter your comments in the blog — do not send them to us to post for you.  All comments are moderated anyway, so we’ll see it before it goes up.