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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama Attempts to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip

The rather chilling headline reads, "Obama seeks Dem votes for $350 billion bailout" (Associated Press, 01/13/09). While the article, at less than 100 words is almost as short as the title, there is enough said to frighten anyone who believes in change for the better. The only change that is evident for the great mass of people is in the names of the individuals working as hard as possible to undermine what remains of the American economic system. As one ancient Roman put it, when changing rulers, the only thing that changes for the poor is a name.

They can blame Bush as much as they like (and they do), but Obama offers nothing in the way of genuine change. A week before his inauguration, Obama's administration has already shown signs that it means to continue implementing the bankrupt (and bankrupting) Keynesian "remedies," desperately trying to get something for nothing. The program is clearly "more of the same, only more so."

The tragedy is that Obama, like Bush before him, is presented with an opportunity as great (if not greater) than the problems he faces. By implementing a Capital Homesteading program at the earliest possible date, Obama would institute real, genuine change — for the better. As the postings on this blog have made clear for months, anything less is a recipe for disaster, as well as completely unnecessary.