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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mea Culpa: Correction of Yesterday's Posting

I admit my hearing is sometimes not the best. To make matters worse, I listened to President Obama's speech yesterday while taking notes and not watching the television. Consequently, the word I heard as "justice" was actually, according to the official transcript of the speech, "justness."

This does not change the substance of yesterday's commentary and, in fact, strengthens it. Norman Kurland, president of CESJ, made an informal bet that Mr. Obama would not use the word "justice." That now shown to be the case, I would like to restate the first sentence of the second paragraph to read as follows:
Unfortunately, President Obama did not mention "justice" at all, only coming close when he made reference to "the justness of our cause" in making the United States a world leader once again through the use of alliances rather than force of arms.