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Friday, September 1, 2023

News from the Network, Vol. 16, No. 35

It appears as if China is at the top of the economic news, along with the usual confusion about inflation.  Of course, all this would be moot if some country would just adopt the Economic Democracy Act, but what do you want, a miracle?


• There’s Too Much Money So We Need More!  According to the latest brilliant analysis from the Federal Reserve, Quantitative easing put so much money backed by government debt into circulation that the only recourse is to create more money!  No, we can’t figure it out, either.  We do know one thing, though.  That this would all be moot if Congress would adopt  the Economic Democracy Act.


• China Has a Decade Left?  There’s lies, damned lies, statistics, and predictions about the economy.  According to the latest wishful thinking about the Chinese economy from the con side, China has maybe ten years left of life and then the fortune cookies crumbles.  Of course, everyone is worried about how that will affect their own economies without them worrying about how what they’re doing to themselves is worse.  If they’d adopt the Economic Democracy Act things might be much better, but they don’t seem to think along those lines at all.


 Federal Reserve Says Inflation “Too High”.  Yet what, exactly, is “too much inflation”?  Well, whatever it is, they have the same old answer: raise interest rates, even though business is already being strangled.  They still haven’t figured out that neither the government nor the Federal Reserve should confine themselves to regulation, and not try to control the economy.  This could be done by adopting the Economic Democracy Act.


• The End of Chinese Triumphalism?  Or just a bit of misplaced gloating from countries not quite so near the edge?  Latest buzz about the Chinese economy is that it’s going to not too many moons before it goes down the tubes, and the experts are trying to think about how they can cash in on it instead of working to avoid the same situation.  Maybe if they took the blinkers off they’d adopt the Economic Democracy Act, but don’t hold your breath.


• China’s Hidden Debt.  China apparently has a “hidden debt” of $10 trillion that could destroy the Chinese economy . . . if all the other countries’ debts don’t do them in first.  At this point, it’s a race to see which country can drive itself into the ground first before finally realizing they need to adopt the Economic Democracy Act.


• Worse Than a Recession?  They won’t say “depression” and they refuse to admit that things are so screwed up they don’t know what to do, but they still keep trying to make people think they do.  All the problems could easily be resolved or made more manageable by adopting the Economic Democracy Act, so it’s a wonder why they don’t do it.


• Interest Rates are Killing Business.  No doubt astounding the experts, rising interest rates are strangling business.  This is presumably to fight inflation that they say doesn’t exist, so it is causing inflation to fight inflation, and don’t try to figure that out.  The Federal Resere still hasn’t figured out that they have the primary mission of providing the private sector with accommodation, that is, with money and credit.  They could do this with the Economic Democracy Act, but it doesn’t seem to be on their radar.


• The Cracks Are Showing.  Just as they’re telling us inflation is not a problem, they tell us it isn’t going away . . . but there’s ways to take advantage of it if you’re rich and powerful, i.e., you don’t need to.  At best, all they can do is plaster over the cracks.  The idea of fixing the foundation with the Economic Democracy Act, still hasn’t occurred to them.

• Greater Reset “Book Trailers”.  We have produced two ninety-second “Book Trailers” for distribution (by whoever wants to distribute them), essentially minute and a half commercials for The Greater Reset.  There are two versions of the videos, one for “general audiences” and the other for “Catholic audiences”.  Take your pick.

• The Greater Reset.  CESJ’s new book by members of CESJ’s core group, The Greater Reset: Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty Under Natural Law is, of course, available from the publisher, TAN Books, an imprint of Saint Benedict Press, and has already gotten a top review on that website.  It can also be obtained from Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon, or by special order from your local “bricks and mortar” bookstore.  The Greater Reset is the only book of which we’re aware on “the Great Reset” that presents an alternative instead of simply warning of the dangers inherent in a proposal that is contrary to natural law.  It describes reality, rather than a Keynesian fantasy world.  Please note that The Greater Reset is NOT a CESJ publication as such, and enquiries about quantity discounts and wholesale orders for resale must be sent to the publisher, Saint Benedict Press, NOT to CESJ.

Economic Personalism Landing Page.  A landing page for CESJ’s latest publication, Economic Personalism: Property, Power and Justice for Every Person, has been created and can be accessed by clicking on this link.  Everyone is encouraged to visit the page and send the link out to their networks.

Economic Personalism.  When you purchase a copy of Economic Personalism: Property, Power and Justice for Every Person, be sure you post a review after you’ve read it.  It is available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the cover price of $10 per copy.  You can also download the free copy in .pdf available from the CESJ website.  If you’d like to order in bulk (i.e., ten or more copies) at the wholesale price, send an email to for details.  CESJ members get a $2 rebate per copy on submission of proof of purchase.  Wholesale case lots of 52 copies are available at $350, plus shipping (whole case lots ONLY).  Prices are in U.S. dollars.

• Sensus Fidelium Videos, Update.  CESJ’s series of videos for Sensus Fidelium are doing very well, with over 155,000 total views.  The latest Sensus Fidelium video is “The Five Levers of Change.”  The video is part of the series on the book, Economic Personalism.  The latest completed series on “the Great Reset” can be found on the “Playlist” for the series.  The previous series of sixteen videos on socialism is available by clicking on the link: “Socialism, Modernism, and the New Age,” along with some book reviews and other selected topics.  For “interfaith” presentations to a Catholic audience they’ve proved to be popular, edging up to 150,000 views to date.  They aren’t really “Just Third Way videos,” but they do incorporate a Just Third Way perspective.  You can access the playlist for the entire series.  The point of the videos is to explain how socialism and socialist assumptions got such a stranglehold on the understanding of the role of the State and thus the interpretation of Catholic social teaching, and even the way non-Catholics and even non-Christians understand the roles of Church, State, and Family, and the human persons place in society.

Those are the happenings for this week, at least those that we know about.  If you have an accomplishment that you think should be listed, send us a note about it at mgreaney [at] cesj [dot] org, and well see that it gets into the next “issue.”  Due to imprudent and intemperate language on the part of some commentators, we removed temptation and disabled comments.