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Monday, March 14, 2022

JTW Podcast: The Chinese Bubble

Remember the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s?  If you do, you’re one of the oldest people on Earth.  You may, however, have seen the Marx Brothers film based on it, The Cocoanuts (1929), which may actually not be quite as insane as the boom itself.  Why bring this up?  It turns out that the alarming Chinese economic dragon may be as hollow as the fearsome Russian military bear — able to do a lot of damage, even on an apocalyptic scale, but something that will ultimately collapse in on itself . . . after causing massive damage on a global scale.

Putin keeps escalating in an effort to use genocide to increase his personal wealth and power and divert attention away from domestic problems, and Xi seems to be pushing on Hong Kong and Taiwan for the same reasons.


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The Collapse Has Begun

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