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Monday, August 5, 2013

Long Live Dead Animals!!

A while back in an article on the dangers of immigration we saw a sign on an ethnic restaurant advertising some kind of vegetarian fusion cuisine, a tofu taco or something.  That was shocking enough, but even more shocking was the attitude that “foreigners” (dirty or otherwise) are somehow a threat to the American Way of Life.

Don’t get me wrong.  As long as there are immigration laws in place, they should be obeyed.  Further, I can see no good reason why the law-abiding immigrant who waited for years in some cases to get into this country and did it legally should be marginalized in favor of someone who didn’t bother to obey the law.

I don’t think there should be any restrictions at all, other than for invading armies, criminals, and the like.  I just want two things first: Capital Homesteading, and illegal immigrants sent home to wait in line until after all the people who followed the rules have their chance.

Make that three things: unrestricted immigration from countries that implement a Capital Homesteading program of their own, and no immigration from countries that refuse to implement Capital Homesteading.  Maybe that's four, depending on how you count.

In any event, the photo highlighted what to me is a far more serious problem to America and the American Way of Life: Vegetarians.

Vegetarians are a far greater danger to the security of the United States than illegal immigrants.  They are a direct attack on the iconic image of America: the cowboy.  Acting like a cowboy used to be a good thing.  Just ask Roy and Hopalong, even Tonto.

So, forget about the immigration issue that we can solve with Capital Homesteading.  Let's get organized and rid America of the scourge of godless vegetarians.

Long live dead animals!