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Friday, July 15, 2011

News from the Network, Vol. 4, No. 28

Most of the attention this week has been focused on the battle over raising or not raising the debt ceiling. From a Just Third Way perspective, of course, the solution is to implement Capital Homesteading at the earliest possible date, rebuild America's (and the world's) economic base, and start getting rid of all the debt. In the interim, yes, raise the debt ceiling — but then work like the dickens to lower it again. In that direction, this is what we've been doing for the past week:

• A major CESJ publication, Supporting Life: The Case for a Pro-Life Economic Agenda, is now available on Kindle in a special 99¢ edition. It's been up only a few days, and, according to Amazon, is already beginning to sell.

• Universal Values Media, Inc., a for-profit CESJ supporter, has published three works (two "novellas" or short novels and a collection of short stories) in Kindle and that are currently available on Amazon, all three for 99¢ each. The author, Matt Gray, is donating all royalties from the sale of these books to CESJ. They are The Missteps of Melanie: A Chapter Play (novella), There's One Reborn Every Minute (novella), and Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy and Other Stories (short stories). For some reason the cover images aren't showing up for these books, but the books can still be purchased. CESJ will receive approximately 35¢ for every sale.

• Norman Kurland was up on the Hill yesterday for some meetings arranged by Jimmy Griffin, who is also working to organize a CESJ chapter in Connecticut. Norm reported that the meetings were very positive, with no negatives being expressed. One of the goals of the meetings was to get key people in Washington to realize that Capital Homesteading as a quid pro quo for raising the debt ceiling may be the most realistic solution to the current stalemate.

• CESJ friend the Reverend C. John McCloskey III is celebrating his thirtieth anniversary of his ordination next week. CESJ extends the congratulations of its core group and all members in recognition of Father McCloskey's long service.

• On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week the CESJ core group had a series of meetings with renowned cartoonist Bert Dodson and his friend David Kelly to discuss some possible projects involving the promotion of the Just Third Way and Capital Homesteading. Bert expressed great interest in the ideas and stated that he has been given a great deal to think about.

• As of this morning, we have had visitors from 46 different countries and 47 states and provinces in the United States and Canada to this blog over the past two months. Most visitors are from the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, and the UK. People in Portugal, India, Mauritius, Mexico and Canada spent the most average time on the blog. The most popular posting this past week was "Aristotle on Private Property." "Thomas Hobbes on Private Property" was next, followed by "Nader Kindles Fires of Revolt," "Why the Old Jobs Aren't Coming Back," and the sixth posting on "Economic Recovery."

Those are the happenings for this week, at least that we know about. If you have an accomplishment that you think should be listed, send us a note about it at mgreaney [at] cesj [dot] org, and we'll see that it gets into the next "issue." If you have a short (250-400 word) comment on a specific posting, please enter your comments in the blog — do not send them to us to post for you. All comments are moderated anyway, so we'll see it before it goes up.