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Monday, June 13, 2011

She-Devil of the G.O.P.

"Michele Bachmann" is an unlikely monarch (or moniker, if you prefer) for a "She-Devil." They're supposed to have names like "Ilsa of the SS" or "Swinhild" or "Bloodthirsty Witch" or something. Further, if you can get yourself labeled a "She-Devil," the least you can do is live up to your billing. Ms. Bachmann falls far short . . . unless having 3.8 more little tykes than the politically correct 1.2 offspring in addition to taking care of 23 foster kiddies sets a demonically bad example in this day of disposable people.

Her list of personal transgressions seems endless. Let the facts be presented to a candid world:

• She's part owner of a farm, probably a homestead stolen from the Indians — and the Homestead Act, as every Keynesian will tell you, destroyed the United States, caused the Great Depression, and forced the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor.

• She goes to church. 'Nuff said.

• She's (gasp) Pro-Life.

• She and her husband run a Christian counseling practice in Stillwater, Minnesota.

• She spent time on a kibbutz in You-Know-Where.

• She's a lawyer.

• She helped start a K-12 charter school, I mean skool, in Stillwater, and has protested against education-as-job-training, thereby undermining the teachers union and the state education monopoly.

• She's agin' "same sex marriage," having worked for a state constitutional amendment, thereby helping confuse voters by convincing them that the state might actually have the power to take over domestic society — the family — completely and permit "same sex marriage" unless it's explicitly prohibited.

• She's from the Midwest. Okay, Minnesota is right across from Canada, but that's not like, you know, New York, which is good next-to-Canada. This is the Midwest, so it's bad next-to-Canada. Them Gopheristas wear flannel shirts and talk funny, like the Swedish Chef on The Muppet Show.

Enough of Ms Bachmann's personal crimes. You're probably shuddering in horror by now, anyway. Let's focus on her economic and political felonies.

She's a "Tea Party" star. Since we're COCOA party — the same thing only better under a different acronym: Concerned Ordinary Citizens Of America — this means that we must Fight Her To The Death for daring to use a different word.

She's Austrian School, I mean Skool, in her economics. Egad. Why doesn't she just start goose-stepping? (Oh, that's right. The Nazis were socialists — "National Socialism." Never mind.) So what if our major difference with the Austrian school (I'd spell it "skool" again, but that's getting old) is to back the currency with private sector hard assets instead of gold, and to recognize private-sector bills of exchange as money, whether used directly or discounted and rediscounted at commercial banks and the Federal Reserve to ensure an elastic, asset-backed currency instead of government debt paper? It's a difference, and thim's fightin' words.

She opposes making loans to people who can't demonstrate creditworthiness. So do we, so she must be hiding something. I mean, come on. If she were really with the program, she'd see instantly how capital credit insurance and reinsurance could be used to replace traditional collateral, but only for the financing new capital formation, not consumption or government debt, especially for people who currently own little or no capital. What's wrong with this woman, anyway?

She favors reforming the Federal Reserve. Return the Federal Reserve to its original mission of providing a stable and asset-backed elastic currency to supply liquidity for the private sector instead of financing government deficits? You mean, like we've been saying for years? Dat woman mus' be crazy.

She opposed the auto company bailout. You mean the complete overthrow of bankruptcy law whereby the current administration rewarded the unions and screwed everybody else? Doesn't she realize that the bailout saved the global economy and laid the foundation for our present unbelievable prosperity?

She wants to lower corporate taxes. Enough is enough. We want to eliminate the corporate income tax by making dividends tax deductible, and finance new growth by discounting and rediscounting bills of exchange, supplemented with limited open market operations in private sector, not government, securities, adding the proviso that, to qualify for rediscounting, loans must be made in ways that create new owners. She's raving.

She favors a national sales tax. Bad idea. She says, however, it could easily mean a dual tax, with both an income tax and a sales tax, so she's not sponsoring the FAIR tax bill. Not like today, when we have a regular income tax and FICA. Stepping out of snarky character for a moment, a grossly simplified income tax would be much better than a sales tax, which falls heavier on those least able to pay . . . just like the special Social Security tax that taxes "earned" income (like there's unearned income aside from charity?) from the first dollar.

We kind of lost our momentum on this posting with the last comment — the dangers of stepping out of character. You get the idea, though. We think it would be mutually beneficial if Ms. Bachmann would agree to meet with Norman Kurland. Is there anybody out there who can help us with a contact or two? We will, of course, try from here, but a "third party endorsement" is always much better than a self-sales job. Somehow it comes across much better if you say how great, wonderful, terrific, etc., we are, than when we say it ourselves . . . about ourselves.

See what you can come up with and let us know (via the CESJ website). []