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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toward a Just, Life-Supporting Economy

Washington, DC, USA. Is it better to have today's moribund economy, or one that provides every man, woman, and child with the opportunity to gain a living income through his or her own efforts and the direct ownership of both labor and capital? Is it better to keep most people dependent on the State, or to reform the economy to support life from the beginning to natural death? Do we need an economic agenda to support life?

The issue of abortion continues to polarize our society into warring camps, while innocent human life continues to be destroyed. Supporting Life: The Case for a Pro-Life Economic Agenda by Michael D. Greaney from the Center for Economic and Social Justice ("CESJ") in Arlington, Virginia steps outside the conventional boxes of the abortion debate. It confronts head-on a moral and economic challenge that the pro-life movement has so far failed to address: How would a pro-life society provide the economic means to support every human life? How can we grow from an economy now on "life support" (through massive government intervention, debt and income redistribution), to a free, vibrant and just economy that supports human life, dignity and empowerment — not only from conception to birth, but throughout all its stages?

As Rev. Edward C. Krause, C.S.C., Ph.D., professor of moral philosophy at Gannon University and editor of Social Justice Review, the official journal of the Catholic Central Union of America notes in his foreword, "Our growing dependency on the State and our acquiescence in unjust laws and institutions will only be broken when each human person can become an owner not only of his or her own labor, but of capital as well."

Starting from a pro-life perspective, Supporting Life looks unflinchingly at the moral, constitutional and tactical implications of "choice" and at the economic pressures for abortion. It then offers a principled, commonsense and achievable political strategy and economic solution that would secure for every man, woman and child a new right of citizenship: the equal opportunity to acquire and own capital assets that would provide for that citizen a direct and independent source of income.

Supporting Life should be read by all leaders, policymakers and citizens who seek a life-promoting economy that can deliver prosperity, power, freedom and justice for every person and family.

Michael D. Greaney, CPA, MBA, Foreword by Rev. Edward C. Krause, C.S.C., Ph.D.
ISBN 978-0-944997-05-5, Economic Justice Media, $10.00, 120 pp.