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Monday, December 7, 2009

Guest Blogger: Reply to David Ignatius

Just for fun — and to save me work — today's posting is a letter to the editor of the Washington Post in response to a recent column by David Ignatius. Because we can't keep our hands off of anything, some of the punctuation has been changed (the author might not agree that it's been "improved"), the term "Fed" expanded to "Federal Reserve," and an editorial comment inserted.
Here's My Dream
Daniel Kurland, Guest Blogger

Jobs are available for those willing and able to work far longer hours for far less pay, and no benefits. Forget about the 8-hour day, minimum wage, and the chance for earning overtime at time and a half. Smart businesses have mastered the art of subcontracting employment to minimize corporate risk, reduce payroll taxes, avoid paying social security, eliminate overtime, eliminate vacation pay, eliminate holiday pay, etc. With lower costs structures, smart businesses can offer lower prices. Here's the best part — many who enjoy the privilege of holding downward mobility jobs are thankful to have any job. Smart businesses know that desperate job-holders keep their mouths shut, because it's not smart to bite the hand that feeds you. This is no dream; it's how the winds are blowing. It's no dream, it's a foul wind blowing.

The American middle class is already an endangered species and can expect to be left out in the cold by politicians who offer no real solutions. When the financial bubble you fear eventually bursts, everyone will be forced to wake up to the reality that the Democrats and Republicans are like Coke and Pepsi — they're both sweet [editorial comment: "Sweet? Since when?"] and fizzy, but offer no nutritional value.

Ironically, smart businesses will eventually notice that their base of paying customers has shrunk, has no money, and lacks the cash flow to buy their products and services. What then?

Here's my dream. What if enough desperate middle class Americans discovered the platform of the American Revolutionary Party and began considering an economically and socially just solution that is a complete system based on the values of American's Founding Fathers and the American Dream? What if some ambitious politician discovered a turnkey platform that is ecological, just, and feasible? What if an ambitious politician running on the platform of the American Revolutionary Party grabbed enough votes to grab the attention of the Republicans and the Democrats alike? A few highly intelligent high school students from Orange County, California, recently held a formal debate and the American Revolutionary Party was a formidable competitor.

Few people understand how the Federal Reserve operates and can be improved better than Norman Kurland, who is largely responsible for the platform of the American Revolutionary Party. I believe that if enough people evaluate the logic of what Norm Kurland proposes, the Federal Reserve can become the engine for growth that it was originally intended to be, rather than the financier of corporate welfare it has become.

As JFK said, "a rising tide lifts all ships." Norm Kurland argues that the Federal Reserve should be used as an engine for growth, provided the Fed differentiates between productive and non-productive credit, and follows rules of participative, distributive, and restorative justice. Economic and Social Justice, what a concept! Maybe we should try it.
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