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Friday, October 17, 2008

News from the Network, Vol. 1, No. 8

Despite the three-day weekend here in the United States (or, possibly, because of it), the stock markets continue their wild swings, while conspiracy theorists add gasoline to the flames of hysteria. Nevertheless, we continue our work to bring word of the Just Third Way to the quarters where it will do the most good.
• Former Congressman Walter Fauntroy's op-ed piece on the Homeowners' Equity Corporation is still making the rounds. We won't post it on this blog until either it is published, or Reverend Fauntroy gives the word.

• A press release went out for Michael D. Greaney's latest book, In Defense of Human Dignity: Essays on the Just Third Way from a Natural Law Perspective, ISBN 978-0944997024, Economic Justice Media, $20.00. It has already registered sales on Amazon, and is up on Barnes and Noble. Review copies are starting to be requested. As we mentioned last week, there is a 20% discount on orders in quantity, and interest has been expressed in some quarters in using the book (and others) in fundraising. We're preparing a "fundraising kit" in .pdf that should soon be ready for interested churches, schools, and other organizations. The currently-available list has a strongly "Catholic" bent, but we hope to have a more diverse series of publications developed soon.

• Harold Channer, host of the eponymous Harold Channer Show in New York, sent us notice of a posting on binary economics by Giorgio Gomelsky on his blog, "Crooked Myths." Mr. Gomelsky's highlighted Louis Kelso's contribution to economic theory, and titled his posting, "Discovering Louis Kelso." After relating his thoughts on the problems with both capitalism and socialism, Mr. Gomelsky says, "Luckily, others continued to look for solutions, often at considerable cost to their personal well-being. It goes without saying that once on the road to exploration it becomes well-nigh impossible to turn back and, hold and behold, unimagined rewards are garnered. One such reward has been discovering the work of lawyer, author and economist Louis Kelso (1913-1991). Among other things, he came up with the concept of BINARY ECONOMICS which I think IS the answer to conventional Capitalism and its endlessly cyclic crisis as exemplified this last week."

• We got a phone call this morning from Deacon Patrick, who has two blogs, "We Catholic," for business, and "Husband, Father, Deacon, Man," relating more personal items. We've been sending out "blog releases" for our new book, In Defense of Human Dignity (above), and this initiated Deacon Patrick's visit to the CESJ web site and this blog. Evidently you only need to bring the ideas of the Just Third Way to people and, once they find out that something is actually possible, it opens up virtually endless avenues of new thought and hope. Even if you don't feel like promoting In Defense of Human Dignity, you can still promote the Just Third Way by referring people directly to the CESJ web site, that of the Global Justice Movement, and the others listed in our sidebar.

• The first CESJ Board Meeting since the beginning of this blog takes place tomorrow, October 18, 2008 at CESJ headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. If you are interested in receiving a notice for future board and executive committee meetings, please let Dawn Brohawn, CESJ Director of Communications, know by sending her an e-mail at dbrohawn [at] cesj [dot] org. Participation is possible both in person, and by taking part in a telephone conference call that is hooked up at all meetings when arrangements are made in advance.

• Dan Parker, editor and publisher of the White Court Advisor in Canada, a print and internet publication, has reached a print circulation of 8,000. Dan, who maintains a web site for the Global Justice Movement, is also working on establishing a printing business in White Court.

• As of this morning, we have had visitors from 28 different countries and 46 states and provinces in the United States and Canada to this blog over the past two months.
As usual, there are a great many other news items that we haven't heard about because you haven't submitted them. If you're tired of reading about what we're doing, let's hear from you. If you have a SHORT item about how you are advancing the Just Third Way, send us a note about it at mgreaney [at] cesj [dot] org.

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