Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year’s Eve, 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve!!  (What, you were expecting something more on a day when nobody is going to read this thing, anyway?)



Baseball Billy said...

Don't worry, I still have to catch up on the news over the past two weeks. There was something about ESOP's that I am feeling a need to read.

nail-in-the-wall said...

"The beginning of a new year is an opportunity for improvement. It makes little difference what the past has been, for we are not to look back to see if the furrow be crooked. What matters most is the sanctification of the now moment. Time is so precious that God doles it out second by second. If life in the past has been evil, the new year is an opportunity for penance. In such a way is time redeemed. If life, however, has been virtuous, the new year is an opportunity for greater self-perfection."

~ Fulton J. Sheen, Bishop Sheen Writes, New Year, Toledo Blade December 28, 1958 (Sec 2, Page 5).