Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Question

Today's posting is from a guest blogger/poet, who knocked out a vignette in verse for us the other day.  Rather than get into a long introduction and deep analysis of the piece (and whether there should be more or fewer commas), here is, in its first public appearance, "The Question":

To own or be owned?
That is the question.

Whether it’s wiser
to choose the fragile safety
of job and paycheck,
perhaps laid off at hour unknown.
To be a tool of tools,
owned by one or some,
then rendered obsolete.

Or bravely walk the higher road,
as worker-owner-citizen,
to choose the risk and burdens,
and dare uncertain outcome.
Perhaps to reap one’s fruits
and justly claim one’s power;
and joined with fellow souls,
rebuild the system for us all.

- Dawn K. Brohawn
September 17, 2013