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Monday, February 20, 2023

JTW Podcast: Fusion Power and Kilowatt Hour

We are not nuclear scientists, but we recognize the importance of power to any civilization, especially a technologically advanced one.  We also recognize the importance of a stable measure of value for a currency for any civilization, especially (again) a technologically advanced one.

An idea that design scientist R. Buckminster Fuller spoke of was measuring value in terms of energy, which will only be feasible when there is a more or less uniform cost and price of energy and — something that cannot be overlooked or ignored — the reserve currency is itself backed by assets with actual value to be measured, not something like government debt that is only valuable if people support the government.

That is why fusion power could be an answer to both issues, and why we are looking at it today.  This applies to the Just Third Way of Economic Personalism applied in the Economic Democracy Act, which:


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PBS Fusion Power Breakthrough

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