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Monday, February 7, 2022

JTW Podcast: Fulton Sheen on Building Character

This week’s podcast offers yet another lecture by Fulton Sheen, author of Freedom Under God,  this time on building character.  As you watch, you can understand how “America’s first televangelist” wasn’t really a televangelist at all, at least as that term is usually meant.  He was a guy who happened to be a Catholic prelate giving lectures on subjects of interest to a great many people, not just Christians.

In fact, if it wasn’t for his obviously clerical garb and the fact that he always put that mysterious “J.M.J.” (a dedication of the writing to the “Holy Family” of “Jesus-Mary-Joseph”) at the top of the blackboard before he started writing, you might be tempted to conclude that Fulton Sheen’s program wasn’t really a “religious” show at all, but a class with a teacher substantially more entertaining than most, and with no tests.

Still, there are three important points Sheen makes that will not be on the non-test.  One, character is of the will, not the intellect.  That means — at least for the most part — your character is the result of your own personal choices.  No one (especially you) is an arrogant, malicious, backstabbing, treacherous, backbiting, conniving, two-faced, vindictive, toadying bully unless he or she chooses to be.  Two, if you want to build character, look for the best in others.  Three, look for the worst in yourself.


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Building Character

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